Scott is known for her deft storytelling and her knowledge of Scottish history, customs and legends. Her latest may actually exceed reader expectations. The Knight’s Temptress is exquisitely written, and its intricate and highly charged plot enhances the wonderfully wrought romance and the emotional maturation of her characters.

Ian Colquhoun, a knight in service to King James, is known as a fearless warrior. He singlehandedly rescues two ladies from local clans when a ruthless enemy of the king kidnaps them. Lady Lachina MacFarlan has known Ian for years, but he is stunned to see her as a grown woman. Following her rescue, their respect grows. Circumstances arise and Ian must marry Lina for her protection. Though completely in love with Ian, Lina fears that his recklessness endangers the success of their marriage. As their enemy becomes bolder, Lina realizes she must take a great personal risk to save them. (FOREVER, Sep., 400 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin