Those who met Adela Macleod in Lady's Choice will be delighted to find
the abducted bride knee deep in her
own exciting story. The fast pace and
colorful, suspenseful backdrop make
this page-turner a medieval readers'
banquet. Scott is truly a grand mistress
of the Scottish romance.

Abducted from her first wedding, widowed at her second, Adela Macleod Sinclair is determined never to marry again. Knight Templar Robert Logan has turned his back on his heritage and thoughts of a family to protect a treasure from evildoers.

Robert is attending the Sinclair wedding when he encounters Adela and is immediately struck by her courage and beauty. Though he should not be distracted from his mission, he is attracted to Adela. One kiss leads to a forbidden passion and thrusts them into a political battle involving the Pope and Lord Fife, the second in succession to Robert the Bruce. When Adela is accused of murdering her husband, Robert comes to her aid. They must find the means to expose the real killer and save their country from those seeking to destroy it. (Warner Forever, Feb., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin