In each of these four stories, a chivalrous knight promises to protect, defend and rescue one maiden in distress; the challenge is getting past their moments of doubt.

In The Traveler, Lynn Kurlands heroine finds herself mysteriously swept back in time to medieval England where she is confronted by a knight sworn to care for the maiden who is in the greatest distress. That would be she. His vow brings them together with the greatest magic of all, love.

Duncan, Marquis of Worthington promises his father to marry for love. But it seems that women want him for his money. So Duncan comes up with a plan to turn himself into an ordinary minstrel and find a woman who will love him for himself, in Patricia Potters charming and tender tale, The Minstrel.

In Deborah Simmons The Bachelor Knight, Sir Berenger Breware made his vow as a young knight and is called home to make good on it. In need of a husband, Guenivere asks Beren to marry her. To honor his debt, he must oblige. But suddenly, the man who never wanted to wed finds himself trying to win his wifes love.

Though all Ryances instincts tell him his wedding is not to be, he must obey the kings command and wed the unwilling Lady Hilaire. But having to hold his betrotheds castle under siege is not the way to begin a marriage, and being trapped underground with an unwilling bride-to-be is certainly not his idea of a courtship. SENSUAL (Sep., 342 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin