Image of A Knight's Vow (Zebra Debut)


Image of A Knight's Vow (Zebra Debut)

Townsend uses the taboos, superstitions and loyalties of the era to set up a turbulent but enjoyable romance. Readers will feel compassion for the characters, even the villain, who is not so much evil as brainwashed.

Alyson has always loved Guillelm, her dragon warrior, but her father won't allow them to wed. When he goes to fight in the Crusades, she waits for him for years. When he finally returns, Alyson is an almost-fiancee to his recently deceased father.

Guillelm decides to wed but not bed Alyson, but her will is stronger. She seduces him, hoping that he will declare his love, but things turn sour when Fulk, one of Guillelm's men, accuses Alyson of being a witch. She goes to a convent to prove her innocence and learns she's pregnant. Leaving the convent to tell her husband, Alyson is captured by Fulk. Will Guillelm arrive in time to save her and their unborn child? (Zebra, Mar., 352 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith