Police detective Stacey Quinn is handed a possible stalker case involving Chicago's own "Household Hints Queen," Homey Helen (aka Audie Adams). Audie, who is a cross between the crafty Martha Stewart and the sexpot starlet Carmen Electra, has begrudgingly taken over the reigns from her mother, Helen, who was murdered one year ago.

Despite hating her new role as Homey Helen, Audie is receiving threatening letters in the mail, which doesn't help matters any. At first, Quinn suspects Audie of sending the letters to herself to generate publicity, but he soon discards that notion.

Having the sexy Quinn dig into her life is both annoying and comforting. However, the sexual tension between them might just set the place on fire.

Author Susan Donovan debuts with a book that is sure to generate buzz and attract loads of readers. KNOCK ME OFF MY FEET is sexy, sizzling and downright funny. With an added element of suspense, it's quite a potent package! (Dec., 336 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith