Crack FBI team Savich and Sherlock venture further into the paranormal in bestseller Coulter's new offering. Although Savich and Sherlock are the linchpins of this long-running series, most of the drama centers on new characters. Dual storylines keep the protagonists hopping as the viewpoint shifts back and forth. With villains capable of mind-blowing psychic manipulations, this story has a truly creepy edge you won't soon forget.

After seeing her uncles and grandmother burying murdered bodies, a frightened 7-year-old, Autumn Backman, reaches out telepathically to the FBI agent she recently saw on TV. Awakened from sleep by a voice in his head, FBI agent Dillon Savich realizes he's communicating with a young girl on the run from deadly danger. According to Autumn, her Uncle Blessed has the ability to take over people's minds and force them to commit acts, even suicide.

Autumn and her mother Joanna have taken shelter with Titusville Sheriff Ethan Merriweather, but Blessed is closing in -- and he knows about Autumn's gifts and is determined to gain control of her. (PUTNAM, Jun., 432 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith