Image of Kraken


Image of Kraken

The concept of this book is interesting and the characters wonderfully drawn, but it fails to coalesce into something really absorbing. The delightfully weird pieces are there (especially the unionized familiars!). The structure shifts fairly quickly between narrators and while this technique can work, it falls a bit flat here.

In modern-day London, young scientist Billy Harrow is showing a tour a preserved Architeuthis dux — a giant squid. But to Billy’s horror, the specimen has disappeared. As Billy soon learns, the disappearance of the squid is only the first act in what seems to be the end of the world — mysterious forces are at loggerheads with each other in a struggle that has its origins in the mists of time. Billy finds a series of unlikely allies — an excommunicant from the Congregation of the God Kraken and Wati, a spirit from ancient Egypt. (DEL REY, Jul., 528 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs