Phèdre no´ Delaunay, Companion to the Terre d'Ange queen and beloved of the Cassiline Joscelin, has one last duty to fulfill before she's at peace. Her childhood friend Hyacinthe is trapped as Master of the Straits unless Phèdre can speak the Name of God, which will free him. Her Yeshuite studies have uncovered clues, but they're not enough. Then Melisande Shahrizai asks Phèdre for help, and in exchange Melisande tells Phèdre where to look for the lost tribe of Ysra-el, keepers of the Name of God.

Melisande's son Imriel is kidnapped by Menekhetans for their ruler's harem. Phèdre and Joscelin trick their way into Menekhetan, she as the newest concubine, he as a skilled warrior. Phèdre's anguissette nature is tested to the limits against the totally depraved usage of the Menekhetan ruler. Joscelin's soul is stretched to beyond sanity as he witnesses Phèdre's capitulation. And Imriel doesn't want to be rescued by a woman who would enjoy the tortures he's fought against for so long.

This exquisitely piercing love story will take its readers on an unbelievable sensual journey. With its unique characters, history and plot, Jacqueline Carey's stunning Terre d'Ange trilogy concludes in an emotionally charged tale seasoned with explicit scenes of love and sacrifice. (Apr., 720 pp. $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper