Fans of sexy, alpha heroes are sure to love the take-charge Kye. Unfortunately readers will probably not connect with his heroine, Michaela. Her willingness to blindly follow Kye’s lead shows both her naivete and her lack of confidence.The novella would have benefited from a longer page count, so that the couple could get to know each other rather than just relying on a magical connection proclaiming them instant mates. However, the heat generated between Michaela and Kye is certainly believable.

Kye, a Protector and near-immortal shapeshifter, is not happy when he is ordered to take over bodyguard duties for his liege’s three-month-old daughter. But deciding to make the best of the situation, Kye takes little Nevaeh to the zoo so the infant can get used to him. However, soon there is a more pressing matter on Kye’s mind than just Nevaeh’s dirty diapers. He has scented his mate. Michaela is a zookeeper who specializes in large animals. In theory, these two should be a perfect match considering that Kye is a werewolf. However, too much too soon has even this zookeeper, who is used to wild animals, feeling like she is in over her head when trying to deal with this dangerous male. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, Mar., dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne