By the King's order, innocent Lady Sabine marries Garreth Blackthorn, scion of a rival family. However, when her family is slaughtered by men garbed in Garreth's livery, Sabine and her younger brother flee. Adopted by a troupe of traveling players, Sabine begins acting and over the years soars to fame as the fiery La Flamme.

Never involved in the plot to destroy Sabine's family, Garreth spends years searching for her. Destiny brings him to Paris where he is drawn to the exquisite actress, never suspecting that she is actually his bride.

Sabine plans to use Garreth's desire against him by seducing and then rejecting him. But once in his passionate embrace she falls victim to her own scheme.

When they return to England as husband and wife, new dangers and old enemies await. All of Sabine's love and skill is required to renew their love and vanquish their true adversary.

Constance O'Banyon tells a tale replete with action-adventure and glorious romance. LA FLAMME captures the atmosphere of the era while never losing sight of the drama and spellbinding love between Garreth and Sabine. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin