Image of Labyrinth of Stars (A Hunter Kiss Novel)


Image of Labyrinth of Stars (A Hunter Kiss Novel)

For the finale of her epic and incredibly intricate Hunter Kiss series, award-winning Liu forces Maxine into the position of making impossible choices — ones that could save or doom the world. Grab some snacks and hang on tight, since the twists and turns in this amazing tale might give you whiplash. Brava!

For millennia, the women in Maxine Kiss’ bloodline have been solitary warriors fighting a lonely battle against parasitic demons who invade humans. Those same women have also enjoyed the protection of the most feared demons of all — the imprisoned “Reaper Kings.” Now, for Maxine and her Lightbringer husband Grant, protecting their unborn daughter is their top priority. So when an attack is launched against them with the intention of killing the baby, they are terrified. Then Grant and many of the demons tied to him are poisoned with a virus that will eventually kill them all. To find the cure, Maxine and her demon “boys” will have to go up against a race of enormous power — and, to win, Maxine may have to make a deal with the devil that lives inside her. (ACE, Mar., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith