Image of Laced with Desire


Image of Laced with Desire

The authors of Unlaced return with more corset-centered stories. Burton's
is entertaining and fun, and the ending will make even the most jaded romance reader melt. Haynes daringly features
a hot hero and heroine in their mid-40s. Hill's story is pure, awesome BDSM gold, but Rossetti's fantasy tale is a bit too short and abrupt -- the hero and heroine move from lust to eternal love in a few short paragraphs -- but the sex scenes are incredible.

Ella would love to have a fling with Clay, especially since they're both vacationing in Hawaii, but her vow to have sex with "No Strings Attached" leaves her heart most unsatisfied in Burton's story. If orgasm is "La Petite Mort," maybe a lot of them will distract Haynes' Sophia and Ford from Sophia's possible terminal illness. Separate tours of duty can't keep Hill's "Honor Bound" military lovers, Peter and Dana, apart, not even when one of them is seriously injured. And "Rhio's Dancer," by Rossetti, may just help the older guardsman unmask a plot to assassinate a queen -- if she doesn't prove to be his sexual undoing first. (HEAT, Feb., 464 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes