Image of Laced with Magic


Image of Laced with Magic

The unfortunate drive to have absolutely everyone write paranormals has led Bretton to turn in something less than her normally excellent work. She still highlights knitting, her true love, but the story is never very believable, even though competently written.

Chloe Hobbs lives in quaint Sugar Maple, Vt. The tiny town is even more unusual than the tourists realize, since it's inhabited entirely by witches, fae and other magical sorts, all masquerading as humans. Chloe is only half human, and the heir to the sorcery that keeps the town safe. Her taking of a human lover has upped the human quotient too far to suit many of the residents.

Now she must find time to run her knitting shop, fend off attacks from vengeful fae and deal with the ghost of her lover's daughter, not to mention the mother of the ghost. All this when she really has no training in sorcery and is trying to sort out her powers. It's enough to keep a girl up at night -- and not in a fun way. But her family has always protected the town, and Chloe is not going to be the weakest link.

(BERKLEY, Aug., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan