Lacey Stewart is alone and penniless. She has to find enough money to bury her father and then take their herb wagon on the road. She gives in to her grief and that's how Trey Saunders finds her.

Trey is in Julesburg to pick up supplies for a cattle drive and ease his aches at the local brothel when he sees Lacey. She looks like the perfect soiled dove (red dress and all) and Trey decides he should marry her just to spite his father. Lacey agrees to Trey's proposal because she has nowhere to turn.

After the rushed wedding, Trey sends Lacey to the family ranch while he continues on the cattle drive, after a stop at the brothel. Furious at being abandoned, Lacey vows that Trey will never get into her bed.

When Trey's father sends her to the hills, kindly Matt Carlton installs Lacey in an old cabin on his property. Trey returns to find a different woman than the one he wed; she refuses him his husbandly rights! Now, Trey wants Lacey and he can't have her until he wins her trust. However, pride, jealousy and a series of mishaps pull Lacey and Trey apart and, ultimately, together to discover that the strength of their love will triumph over adversity.

Norah Hess has done it again! She has created a masterful cast of characters that are woven into a plot filled with twists and turns. Emotions leap off the pages and right into the reader's heart. You'll savor every word, yet rush to turn the pages. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner