Image of Ladies of the Lair (Dragon Knights, Books 1 & 2)


Image of Ladies of the Lair (Dragon Knights, Books 1 & 2)

These first two stories from D'Arc's Dragon Knights series are excellent. These books focus on the characters' relationships and the politics surrounding the Lair. A brewing war plays a minor, though well-plotted, role in the story, and the dragons are almost human in their thoughts and actions. The explicit sex includes menage à trois, voyeurism and anal.

In "Maiden Flight," virgin Belora is taken by the dragon, Kelvan, to meet his knight, Gareth. Her ability to hear Kelvan's thoughts and Gareth's instant attraction to her convinces him that Belora is his soul mate. However, life in the Lair, where the dragons and their knights live, is quite different from anything Belora is used to -- as is the knights' outlook on marriage.

"Border Lair" has Adora, Belora's mother, reunited with the dragon she knew as a girl and drawn to the dragon's knight, Sir Jared. But a war is brewing, and when a former enemy, Lord Darian, leaves his home to warn the dragons and knights of their enemies' plans, he brings dissension to the Lair. (Samhain, Sep. '06, 237 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley