The Daltrys are a very close family and nothing is more important than a birthday, especially if it's your 20th. That when Grandmother Minerva assigns their "labors."

Eldest son, Hercules (Lee), is an expert when it comes to ranching. There isn't a horse he can't break, so he's sure he can handle anything his grandmother dishes out. That is until she tells him he must serve one year as the town's schoolmarm.

Very uncomfortable around children, and never having been a great student, he approaches Meredith Lewis for help. Meredith is infuriated. She has traveled from Boston to take over the school only to discover that the job has been given to Lee. She takes a job in town and finds herself watching Lee's unorthodox teaching methods first with frustration and then with respect.

When one of his students is abandoned, both Lee and Meredith step forward to adopt him. The two are forced to spend time together and the sparks fly. But Lee fears his lifelong secret will turn Meredith away.

THE LADIES' MAN is a sweet, heartwarming tale of growth with wonderful touches of humor. Readers will be eagerly looking forward to the rest of the Sons and Daughters Series. SWEET (June, 260 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson