Logan Grey uses his disguise as a falconer to make his way into Castle Fulton, the keep that had once been his home, in hopes of finding his brother, Peter. With his plan in place, he has no idea he will be caught between seeking vengeance and accepting his enemys daughters love.

When her castle is besieged, Lady Solace Farindale suddenly finds herself beholden to a lowly falconer. But his commanding presence is neither common nor easy to forget.

Against his better judgment and past experiences, Logan feels as if Solace has cast a spell over his flesh, making him hunger not for vengeance, but with desire.

With Edwin Barclay ready to take the castle, Solace wonders if Logan is the only one she can trust, even as he is accused of murder and treachery.

When the castle is taken, Solace and Logan face grave danger as they fall into a ruthless mans plot. They must learn to put away their stubborn pride and the past before they can vanquish their enemies.

Laurel ODonnell spins vibrant threads into a colorful tapestry that entangles the past with the present. Medieval readers will find THE LADY AND THE FALCONER a highly satisfying, well crafted story that fills their craving for a tale of medieval intrigue and passion. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin