As an ex-Texas Ranger, Jack Logan keeps his word and when the man who saved his life, Dan Taylor, needs his help he cannot refuse.

Dan asks Jack to meet his daughter, Amanda, in Philadelphia and escort her home. He finds her in a bar, with ax in hand, breaking up the saloon. She's a militant, anti-drinking suffragette.

Unfortunately for Jack, who's been seeking his solace in the bottle, Amanda might be against drinking but her waspish tongue and antics are driving him to drink. She causes him nothing but grief on the trip back to Texas and Dan can't wait to leave Amanda behind.

But when they arrive home, things have changed. Someone has been sabotaging her family's stage and freight business. Her uncle has been murdered and her father wounded. Jack promises to stay and help find the killers and run the business with Amanda.

Their close proximity once again fuels their tempers and their simmering desire. When they succumb to their passions, Jack feels that he has betrayed Dan's trust and Amanda believes he has scorned her.

Meanwhile some outlaws Jack had met up with in the past come gunning for him, with bounty hunters close behind. All this adds up to an action-packed read with roller coaster adventures that keep you turning the pages. THE LADY AND THE TEXAN is just plain enjoyable. SENSUAL (Nov., 396 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager