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In this erotic f/f novella, the author does a good job at fitting in a lot of excitement in a short amount of space. Unfortunately, this focus on the plot means there is less time spent on characterization. While things tend to happen around Lucy, the story’s main heroine, her personality is never fully developed. A question that many readers will be left asking is why everyone is after this uninteresting widow. The secondary characters, however, are wonderful. Everyone in Lucy’s life knows how to live life to the fullest, which often means taking big risks.

Even though Lucy Endcott has never gotten along with her father, she travels to London for one last visit before he dies. Once in the city, Lucy sees that her family is falling apart, mainly because of a wayward brother who drinks and gambles to excess. Deciding she needs to put a stop to his destructive behavior, Lucy follows him to the decedent Pythos Club. But Lucy is distracted when, at the club, she runs into her former lover, the Marchioness Irena. Not wanting to fall back into an emotionally draining (and hidden) relationship, Lucy runs and falls straight into the arms of Tisha, the club owner’s daughter. Tisha is immediately drawn to Lucy and seduces her. But when Tisha’s brother reveals a plot to bring down the entire Endcott family, a relationship between the two women seems nearly impossible. (RAVENOUS ROMANCE, May, dl., $6.99)

*Web Exclusive Review* 

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne