Image of Lady Anne's Lover (London List)


Image of Lady Anne's Lover (London List)

Robinson casts a gothic aura over her story of an heiress in disguise fleeing to a dark house whose master hides many secrets. She cleverly lightens the mood with lively repartee and steamy sensuality, yet maintains the tension of the mystery to the very end.

Lady Imaculata Ann Egremont has graced the pages of the notorious scandal sheet, The London List, too many times to count. When she needs to flee the city she turns to the List’s want ads and finds a position as housekeeper for Major Gareth Ripton-Jones, in far-off Wales. She arrives as plain Anne Mont. Gareth returned from the war unscathed but lost his arm in a freak accident. Then, his ex-fianceé was murdered and he became the prime suspect. He drowns himself in gin, hardly noticing his housekeeper is far too young and a horrible cook. Anne cannot hold her tongue and she lambasts the major, pushing him out of his drunken stupor. She tells him she is an heiress and how a marriage of convenience to her will save his estate and give her freedom. But Gareth desires much more than money; he wants Anne’s heart and soul. He sets out on a campaign to seduce Anne — not realizing he has unleashed a terrible evil. (BRAVA, Aug., 350 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin