Lady Emma Wells-Finch is in a difficult bind. As the headmistress of St. Gertrudes School for Girls, she has always maintained a spotless reputation. Unfortunately it is this very reputation that has made her such an attractive marital prize to a very persistent duke.

Emma has no wish to marry the duke but fears he will retaliate by closing St. Gertrudes if she refuses. Ruining her own reputation seems like the only way out of her predicament. So Emma concocts a scheme to head to the U.S. and cause a scandal.

Golf Pro and resident bad boy Kenny Traveler is serving out a suspension from the pro tour imposed by his old friend and mentor Dallas Beaudine. Dallie is currently the acting PGA commissioner and Kennys latest public scandal has so raised his ire that he has suspended Kenny indefinitely.

While waiting for Dallie to cool off, Kenny reluctantly agrees to a request by Dallies beloved wife to chauffeur her old English chum, Emma, around Texas. What happens when a bossy, single-minded woman bent on causing a scandal meets up with a sexy, laid-back man doing his best to avoid one? Pure, sexy, sizzling fun!

Susan Elizabeth Phillipss patented sexy humor explodes once more in her newest audience pleaser. (Feb., 400 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith