Image of Lady Beneath the Veil (Harlequin Historical)


Image of Lady Beneath the Veil (Harlequin Historical)

Lady Beneath the Veil features a classic theme with a fun new take, and Mallory has another winner on her hands. It starts with a cruel hoax, a spoiled dandy and a shy maiden, and ends with a marriage of convenience that will keep readers up all night. This romance is well written and well plotted. Regency and Georgian readers will be very pleased.

Surprise! The groom wants to run off before the wedding night. The Honorable Gideon Albury thought he was marrying an English rose and instead got a French lily. Duped but too proud to cry foul, Gideon thwarts the tricksters and keeps his bride. Dominique, a poor relation, reluctantly agreed to be a part of her cousin’s wicked prank. She never expected a real marriage or a real husband. The newlyweds are wary of each other but decide to make the best of it. Soon comfort turns to desire, which turns to passion. But can a love built on such a shaky foundation survive and thrive? (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 286 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer