With her father imprisoned and her life in ruins, Courtney Ruthgard disguises herself and joins the King's Guard to take revenge on the young Musketeer who betrayed her and destroyed her family.

Though she has hardened her heart against Pierre de Tournay, her task of revenge is difficult to complete once she learns that Pierre feels guilty for what he did. Falling under Pierre's spell once more is too dangerous for Courtney now that she has a child to protect and must free her father from the Bastille, but when Pierre is taken as well, her heart tells her he's worth saving, too.

Once again Kate Silver takes us into the glittering world of Louis IVX's court and the swashbuckling adventures of the Musketeers. Much of the novel takes place before Courtney joins the Musketeers, setting the stage for her motivations. Once in Paris and Versailles, the action moves swiftly as Ms. Silver rehashes scenes from On My Lady's Honor and then moves rapidly to Courtney's attempt to break into the Bastille and save the men she loves.

Though not as exciting as the first novel in the series, this enjoyable and entertaining action/adventure more than satisfies and has me anticipating the next book in the series. SENSUAL (Oct., 388 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin