Desperate times call for desperate measures, and thus Claire Easton finds herself offering her chastity for money to keep her younger brothers unaware of their difficulties. Brynmore Talgarth, Earl of Caradoc, is in need of a new mistress and for personal reasons can only accept a virgin for the position. Though Claire meets all his qualifications, Bryn is perplexed by his reaction to her intriguing combination of pride and virtue.

With little choice left for either of them, Claire finds herself preparing to be installed in the Earls newly decorated townhouse. But Claire is not your average mistress. Her intelligence and dignity combine with wit, grace, beauty and charm soon win over Bryns friends, who treat Claire more as an equal than a mistress.

It doesnt take long for the worldly Bryn to fall captive to her spell. His slow and gentle wooing brings Claires senses to a fever pitch and their relationship grows stronger each day. However, Claire will not fantasize about ever being Bryns wife and when he makes up his mind to make her his bride the sparks really begin to fly.

LADY IN BLUE is a marvelous historical romance debut from a highly original, and refreshing voice. Lynn Kerstan steals your heart with her dynamic story and unforgettable characters and brings readers a new slant (you might be intrigued with Claires birth control lesson) on the Victorian era. SENSUAL (Mar. 351 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin