This breathtaking fairy tale comes
complete with a wicked sister, daring escapades and a surprise ending. The characters are well wrought, and the
plot is enthralling.

When Harmony's coach is robbed by a highwayman soon after she arrives in England, she's lost in the depths of his dark eyes. When dashing Lord Farmington delivers the stolen ring he "found," she recognizes him but keeps his secret. He repays her kindness by kidnapping her!

Anthony Allen, Lord Farmington, fell in love with Harmony when he first spied her, and he'll do anything to win her. Harmony is drawn to Anthony and resents her sister's attempts to disprove his authenticity. Agatha keeps Harmony a virtual prisoner, and only the promise of a wealthy lord in the family weakens her resolve. Farmington's strange behavior heightens their suspicions. Does he harbor a dark secret, or is he truly a lovestruck lord? (MEDALLION, Nov., 298 pp., $7.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown