Image of The Lady Confesses


Image of The Lady Confesses

Mortimer completes the Copeland Sisters trilogy, about three women who flaunt society and their guardian to find their own futures, with a charming, fast and sweetly sensual romance. As the tale unfolds it merges seamlessly into the previous volumes. Mortimer has carefully planned the finale and readers will be satisfied if not surprised.

When it is announced that Gabriel Faulkner will be their guardian, the Copeland sisters, who want no man to rule their lives, take matters into their own hands. Elizabeth flees her home and, under an assumed name, finds a position as companion to Mrs. Wilson after rescuing the woman’s beloved dog. Elizabeth feels secure in her new home even though Mrs. Wilson’s nephew, Nathaniel Thorne, Earl of Osbourne, is recuperating from war wounds at his aunt’s. Nathaniel is suspicious of the charming Betsy, who appears and acts more like a lady than a servant. After a visit from Gabriel, Nicholas becomes even more intent upon uncovering Betsy’s secret and reuniting the sisters. Yet the sparks that fly between Nicholas and Betsy bring them a surprising passion and Elizabeth learns that she has run straight into the arms of love. (HARLEQUIN, Jan., 300 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin