To avenge her fathers death, Gelina OMonaghan lures Conn of the Hundred Battles, High King of Erin, into a clever trap. There, he confronts Gelina, a lovely child-woman and an expert swordswoman in battle.

Wounded and believing that her brother is dead, Gelina allows Conn to capture her. Spending a year at his castle, Tara, she comes to love Conn. She alone keeps the faith when Conns mission to Britain ends in failure and everyone else thinks hes dead.

His return sparks the beginning of Gelinas fear that he has deceived her. She learns that her brother is alive and fighting with the rebels. Conn refuses to admit that he loves Gelina. Feeling betrayed, she joins her brother to lead a raid on Tara. Conn is wounded, but Gelina stops her brother from killing him. Conn recaptures her and is forced to make her his slave.

Tortured by his passion for Gelina, Conn demands his right to bed her. Their love is as strong as their hate and each time the lovers come closer to a truce, they are driven apart. When her brother demands that she destroy Conn, Gelina is torn.

LADY OF CONQUEST, Ms. Medeiros very first romance, showed the promise of her becoming a star of the genre. With finely drawn characters (especially Nimus, the court jester) Ms. Medeiros brings to life a thrilling legend that existed long before King Arthur. SENSUAL (Reissue, Jan., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin