Years ago, Olivia, Lady Dearing, was saved from an over-zealous suitor by a devil at a masquerade ball, though her reputation was sullied. Livvy dropped out of society and began working with orphans. When her savior from that night, Sir Jeremy Fairhill, reappears as a governor on the board of the orphanage, sparks fly as they work together to safeguard the chil-dren's welfare and avoid scandal. Lady Dearing's Masquerade (4.5) could have been a dark, depressing story con-sidering its many tragedies: orphaned foundlings, throwaway babies, malicious gossip, years of abuse. But it's a tribute to Elena Greene that the story is poignant, and the admirable way in which Jeremy and Livvy deal with their trials endears them to readers and will have you rooting for them to unite. (Sep., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor