If there is one thing Lady Jacinda Knight does not want, it is to be compared to her mother, whose lust for passion made her too spirited for the "ton." But she seems to be following in her footsteps the night she runs away from an unwanted marriage and encounters Billy Blade, leader of an infamous London gang. The fabled thief steals a kiss, then returns Jacinda to her brother.

There are few more daring or handsome thieves than Billy, and none as noble: Billy carefully hides his aristocratic upbringing until he realizes he can do more to fight injustice by reclaiming his title.

When they meet again, it is as Lady Jacinda and Lord Rackford. But beneath the silks and lace beats the heart of a street-smart criminal. Jacinda sees the true Billy and loves him despite his past, or maybe because of it. Gaelen Foley leads us through the maze of London's underground a la Dickens, with a cast of characters you will adore and the addition of a lush and heated romance, great danger, poignancy, humor and a climax that will have you holding your breath. Jacinda may be the lady of desire, but Ms. Foley is truly a queen of adventure. SENSUAL (Jan., 424 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin