Klassel's newest romp will keep you laughing into the wee hours. The wealthiest heiress in England is betrothed for the eighth time. Lady Margaret de Languetot's prior grooms may have wed her, but they never made it to bed. Now she's determined to take matters into her own hands by enlisting the rest of her female companions, from washerwomen to noblewomen, to lay siege to Castle Rising by refusing their men any sexual favors.

Sir Olyver of Mannyngs, England's most notorious warrior—known as the "Limb of Hell" to the Saracens—faces his canniest enemy in Lady Margaret and her use of the ancient Fey legend of Queen Tatiana. But Olyver has a plan to seduce her into choosing him as her next husband: all he has to do is maintain control over his rampaging troops until King Edward Longshanks arrives.

But no royal decree can slow the momentum of Megge and her women, and their men won't find satisfaction until all of their demands are met. It isn't until Megge uncovers the plot against her that she realizes that all her cunning may not let her win her heart's desire. This is a quick-witted, humorous tale of passion run amok. SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black