Image of Lady Fortune


Image of Lady Fortune

Nicholas Strangefellow is the Kings fool, but there is no man more clever, ingenious and adept at playing games than he. Thus, when Henry III covets a sacred relic he sends his fool to entertain at Lady Julianna of Montcrieffs mothers wedding, locate the chalice and steal it.

A young widow, returned to her mothers house, Julianna has known little love and less physical pleasure. She is completely unprepared for Nicholas sly double entendres and sensuality.

As this cast of characters swirl around one another at the wedding celebration there is both danger and passion at play. There are others whose desire for the relic is far more insidious than Nicholas. Nicholas does his best to seduce Julianna while trying to outsmart his rivals. Julianna falls under the fools sensual spell and Nicholas is torn between betraying his king or Julianna.

Every one will want to kiss a fool after reading just a page or two of LADY FORTUNE. Always ingenious, Anne Stuart has crafted a compelling story of a determined lady and a man who is not what he seems. But more than that, she has beautifully created a spellbinding tale with delightful humor, a dark and dangerous hero, a ruthless villain and a colorful historical backdrop. Theres something for everyone in LADY FORTUNEa top-notch romance for the new century. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin