Image of The Lady Gambles


Image of The Lady Gambles

As the first in the Copeland Sisters trilogy The Lady Gambles sets the pace and stage for the series as three young women, intent on escaping their new guardian’s clutches, set off on their own. This longtime plot theme works nicely for Mortimer, who infuses her tale with an independent-minded heroine, a dangerously sexy hero and a bit of danger and sexual tension that make for a quick and enjoyable read.

Almost as soon as she learns the newly minted Lord Gabriel Faulkner is to be the Copeland sisters’ guardian, Caro Copeland rushes to London where she finds an unusual position as the masked and bewigged singer in a gambling club. Lord Dominic Vaughn, Earl of Blackstone, recently won the club in a wager and he doesn’t want a woman in his establishment. But for some reason he cannot fire Caro. When unexplained accidents begin and a wild brawl breaks out Dominic realizes he must protect her. Unable to convince her to find a safer position or return home he brings her to his home, where the tension between them leads to passion. Once their enemy realizes Caro and Dominic are lovers, she is in great danger of becoming the villain’s pawn, drawing Dominic into a trap. (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 300 pp., $6.25)
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Kathe Robin