With a story filled with passion, melodrama and atmosphere, Jennifer Roberson sweeps readers to the Scottish Highlands and into the story of star-crossed lovers as majestic and magical as the land itself.

Catriona Campbell and Alasdair Og MacDonald were born enemies. An old Highland feud, cattle stealing and political intrigues would keep them apart, but nothing could dampen the love that blossomed between them.

Alasdair met Catriona when she was a mere child. But her feisty nature and sharp tongue won his respect. They meet time and again in skirmishes between the clans and though there is animosity there is also something else that flares between them. As her father's fortunes decline, Catriona discovers she is to be a pawn in a marriage that would secure the loyalty of the clans to King William of England.

Though he has another woman, Alasdair cannot drive Catriona, the woman who saved him from death, out of his mind. Even as the clans join forces and align themselves on opposite sides, even with old feuds and new treachery their forbidden love compels them toward what might be disaster, but will always be their destiny.

LADY OF THE GLEN is a legend brought to life in the hands of the superb storyteller Jennifer Roberson. Lyrical, rich in the aura, the language and the intrigue of the Highlands, this is a novel that pulsates with drama and captivates readers with its emotions and lushness. SENSUAL (Jan., 416 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin