It is a time of turmoil and political drama when Amalie Michaut, an innocent lady in waiting to the famed Countess known as "The Lady of Gold," finds herself accompanying her lady to Calais where she will marry an Englishman in exchange for the Cardinal's freedom. Among the entourage is Fabien de Rais, a brave man who is to see that the Cardinal is safely returned. A friend of Amalie's brother, Fabien delivers a letter revealing a shocking secret about Amalie's heritage. Brought together under strange and stressful circumstances Amalie and Fabien find a mutual attraction. When their party is attacked along the road to the coast, however, Fabien suggests that Amalie take on the her mistress' identity and help complete the delicate mission.

Danger, political intrigue and a great deal of historical detail will satisfy historical novel afficionadoes. Though light on romance, LADY OF GOLD incorporates suspense, action, adventure and meticulous research into a colorful tale. SWEET (Sep., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin