This high-action Western romance begins with a storm and rushes head-long into the perils of multicultural love.

Respected rancher Reese Carrison has worked hard to bring a railroad spur to Niobrara City. Opening day of the Nebraska-Dakota line becomes chaos when a beautiful Gypsy girl, Liza, is accused of trying to steal a Gaje (non-Gypsy) child in the midst of the celebration.

Liza lives with the shame of her mothers affair with a non-Gypsy and the stigma among her people of being only half Gypsy, so shes drawn to Reese even before she must steal his prize stallion to escape. The horse is injured when Reese catches her.

To his amazement, she refuses to allow him to shoot it. Intrigued by her Gypsy skills, and attracted to her charms, Reese lets her tend the stallion.

The treatment must be interrupted while the couple seeks shelter from a sudden tornado. After the storm, Reese promises Liza hell help her find the Gypsy caravan so she can return to her family. Meanwhile Liza will live and work at his ranch.

For its parallel blend of sexual and racial tensions and for the varied cultural outlook, this love story is outstanding. Sensual (Sep., 315 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger