This enchanting fairy tale draws on Irish folklore and takes readers into
the land of the Fae. Since the story relies primarily on the relationship between Grace and Diarmaid, there's
a lack of extensive worldbuilding.

Grace studies the mating habits of deer. When Diarmaid appears in the forest and tells her she's really Gráinne of the Fae, she thinks he's daft. He has only a week to convince her to return with him to mythical Tir na Nog. Each night he transports her to the faery realm she's forgotten in order to convince her. Grace is shaken when she discovers latent magical powers -- she can communicate with the deer.

Time is running out. If she doesn't go he'll be banished to the mortal world. Grace asks for one last day to decide, but an adversary from the past intervenes. (CRESCENTMOONPRESS.COM, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown