The members of the Bastion Club have served the Crown during the war, and now they are in search of wives. Charles St. Austell returns to his childhood home to find his neighbor Penelope Selborne stalking his every move. Though it's been 13 years since he left, she is still the most intriguing, witty and challenging female he knows. He has never forgotten the afternoon they become lovers, but Penelope rebuffs his attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Penn hasn't forgotten her youthful love for Charles, but when he left, she buried her heart. Now she's trying to uncover the truth about her brother's death. If suspicions that her family members were spies for the French are true, Charles can help her uncover the truth.

Laurens heats up the pages with sexual tension as her strong-willed characters engage in a sizzling battle of wills. With its marvelous mix of smugglers, murder, hidden treasure and several possible traitors, this book has the ideal blend of hot passion and mystery. Laurens excels at presenting the Regency era in a new light, and A Lady of His Own is no exception. A winner! VERY SENSUAL (Oct., 404 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin