McFalls' descriptive language
transports readers to another time
and place in this well-constructed,
emotionally satisfying story. While
the characters are vividly rendered,
the heroine can be irritating in her extreme bid for independence.

Lady Iona has spent her whole life decorously, and where
has that gotten her? Her father
plans to wed her to her cousin,
Byron Lovington, who she loves
as a brother. But Iona longs for
a life of independence, where she
can indulge in her passion of creating sculptures. In order to escape her
fate, Iona propositions Lord Nathan Wynter for lessons in adventure and

Nathan wishes to mend his
roguish reputation and get back
into his family's good graces. He
will never accomplish this if he brings ruin to Lady Iona's good name. During their adventures, Nathan realizes
his deep feelings for Iona. Can
he convince her to make the leap
from co-conspirator to wife? (, dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart