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by Jennifer Ashley

Genre: Historical Romance, England, Victorian Period
Sensuality: HOT
Setting: Victorian England

2010 Innovative Historical Romance Nominee

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Readers rejoice! The Mackenzie brothers return as Ashley works her magic to create a unique love story brimming over with depth of emotion, unforgettable characters, sizzling passion, mystery and a story that reaches out and grabs your heart. Brava!

Lady Isabella Scranton scandalizes society at 18 by eloping with Lord Mackenzie and then again three years later when she leaves the talented artist. But Mac has a few ideas as to how to bring her back into his life and his bed when she appears in his studio.

Isabella discovers someone is forging Mac’s paintings, and when she confronts Mac with her plans to catch the forger, she gets caught in his sensual web. Mac has wagered he can paint an erotic portrait and Isabella is the perfect model. Their steamy sessions reawaken their long-buried desires, allowing passion to override the past and love to bloom again. But as they become lovers the devious forger’s fixation with Mac’s work turns to a sick obsession with Isabella, and Mac will do anything not to lose her again. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin


Published: July 2010

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4 Stars

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Painter Seeks Model

Submitted by Artemis on July 6, 2010 - 6:18pm.

The second of four in a series of the slightly off-kilter Mackenzie Brothers.

On a bet from his posse, Bad Boy, Lord Rudolph Ferdinand "Mac" Mackenzie crashes Lady Isabella's coming-out party. He spoils the whole party by snatching her away and marring her. After all, it is all about him! What ensues is a very rocky marriage: Some days they argue so badly they can't stand to be around one another. Mac splits for the Continent to do some painting and carousing with his posse; while Lady Isabella entertains the local artists at home. They kiss and make-up, and the whole process starts over again. When their house of cards finally comes crashing down around them, Lady Isabella leaves Mac: She cannot do this any longer. That is Mac's wake-up call. Throw in a "wannabe" Mac Mackenzie and this is a wonderful tome of love reborn anew.