After her husbands death at the hands of the MacCarthys, Lady Moira FitzGerald is left to defend Geralds Keep with a handful of warriors. Heavy with child and in dire need of assistance, Moira sends word to her overlord, Rannulf FitzClifford, of her plight.

Connor FitzClifford, Rannulfs twin, has enemies of his own to conquer, demons that have haunted him his entire life, making him believe he is less than a man. By sending him to Geralds Keep, Rannulf has given him an opportunity to prove his worth as a man and a warrior.

Moira has her own demons to battleher sacrifice to save her people that resulted in ruin, her as-yet-unborn childs parentage and her guilt for the unwilling part she played in her husbands death. Moira finds it hard to grasp the fact that Connor loves her for herself, not for what she brings him.

With the MacCarthys more determined than ever to have Geralds Keep, Connor must find a way to protect Moira, her unborn child and her people.

LADY OF THE KEEP is a warmhearted tale where love mends old wounds and broken dreams. An enjoyable medieval romance to wile away an evening. SENSUAL (Apr., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor