Under the auspices of the British government, Nicole Beauville executes England's enemies with the deadly cunning of the scorpion, after which she is called. Uncovering plans to trap her, Daniel McCurren is sent to Paris to aid in her escape. But the Scorpion will not retreat until she has carried out her mission to assassinate the chief of police.

Daniel is caught in the precarious web spun by the most alluring, intelligent and sensual woman he has ever met. Nicole plays a risky game when seducing her target; she's killed nine men. But how will she assassinate the minister when he is guarded by her French counterpart?

Exposure means death, yet Nicole and Daniel move forward, and as the tension mounts, so do their passions. Nicole must keep a cool head to safeguard their lives. As she closes in on her quarry, she opens her heart to Daniel and understands what it is to risk all for love.

With nonstop action, spies, assassins, murders, thrilling escapades, sizzling love scenes and unforgettable characters this is a real page turner. Saxon weaves a brilliant web of suspense, ensnaring you like a fly -- only you won't want to escape this web of dark seduction and heart-stopping danger. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin