Ready to be sold into slavery as a whore for the night, and to a brutal bidder at that, poor Rosie has no hope left in her. Filthy and beaten by the whoremaster, she could not be any more humiliated.

But Sir Andrew Ford has bet his friends that he can make this slave into a lady in 12 days. Rosie is confused when she is treated to a bath, food and clothing. Once cleaned and dressed, she is a striking woman ready to begin her lessons.

Sir Andrew gives her hope in this medieval My Fair Lady, and soon regrets his folly, for when it is over the poor girl will be returned to the whoremaster.

In this fun tale, Ms. Phillips weaves an adventurous story of chase and budding love and puts in some lessons along the way. Sometimes the reader will chuckle, sometimes the heart will give a skipall and all, a good, fast-paced read. SENSUAL (Sep., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis Greer