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Since the day she witnessed her clan's brutal murder when she was four, Morganna KilCreggar has lived for revenge, vowing to kill the laird of the FitzHugh clan. Disguising herself as the "lad" Morgan, she trains to become a weapons expert.

But a twist of fate brings her to the attention of the youngest FitzHugh, Alexander (Zander), who takes Morgan on as his squire.

It's difficult for them to live in close quarters, training, fighting and being together. Inevitably, the sparks that fly between them lead to attraction. But Zander believes Morgan to be a boy, and he definitely likes women.

It's Zander's brother, Plato, who sees through Morgan's masquerade and finds a way to bring them together, as Morgan struggles with her love for Zander and her vow to kill the FitzHughs.

This compelling story of a dynamic and admirable young woman who fights for justice, and a hero who's just perfect for her, is difficult to put down.

With strong characters, sizzling sexual tension, plenty of passion, action, history and great repartee, Ivie makes a strong debut and is destined to become a reader favorite. SENSUAL (Dec., 352 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin