U.S. Vice President Sybil Stone is in Europe attempting to mediate between two former Soviet nations that are on the verge of a possible nuclear war. In the middle of vital negotiations Sybil receives an urgent phone call from the president.

Sybil informs Jonathan Westford, the agent in charge of the Special Details Unit, that she must immediately leave for the United States. In preparation for her flight, Sybil locks an important briefcase to her wrist and, for safety concerns, allows only a skeleton staff to accompany her on their return trip. Her instinct proves right when, while flying over the Florida Everglades, the plane explodes. Just prior to the explosion, Jonathan had reacted to an oblique warning from the pilot and made a grab for Sybil and her parachute, pushing her out of the plane.

Landing in the Everglades, Jonathan and Sybil must fight their way back to civilization; not only are they battling nature but also a terrorist organization that wants to finish them off. What Sybil hasn't revealed to Jonathan until now is that unless she delivers the briefcase to D.C. by Saturday, the United States will be forced to start WWIII.

There is no question that author Vicki Hinze has delivered a tour de force thriller that will leave readers gasping for breath. LADY LIBERTY is the ultimate thrill ride! More of an action/adventure suspense tale than a love story, this novel still manages to create a believable romance between the hero and heroine. This book would make one hell of a movie! (Nov., 448 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith