Another lavish and seductive Christmas treat arrives in The Duke’s Daughter series, with a cast of delightfully charming and lovable characters embarking on a journey to love. There’s laughter and wit, holiday charm and poignancy, passion and scandal as Burrowes crafts yet another winning romance.

Louisa Windham should have married some time ago. The only thing stopping her is a teeny secret — 200 of them, actually: small red books that hold a wealth of illicit poetry. Then a nasty fortune hunter puts her and her secret in jeopardy. Sir Joseph Carrington has been a friend of the Windhams for years, but until he defends Louisa’s honor he never considered romancing her. With all the mistletoe and waltzes under the stars, not even his war injuries, or his own secret, can stop the holiday magic. Is Joseph and Louisa’s newfound, snow-kissed love enough to defeat one man’s intense greed? (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 359 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black