Image of Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain)


Image of Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain)

Fans of Ashley’s books look for tales of romance, relationships and action, and boy does she deliver! Ashley is also known for her überalpha heroes who can get down and dirty, and her newest was unjustly imprisoned — which has left him with serious anger and trust issues. The relationship between Ty and Lexie is difficult and poignant. The scars in both these characters go deep, but the promise of rewards are sweet. A marvelous and touching read.

Ty Walker has been in hell for five years after being falsely imprisoned. Upon his release, he is looking for revenge on the people who framed him. What Ty doesn’t expect is to be met outside the prison by a beautiful stranger. Lexie Berry’s life has been a series of hardships, which has left her at the mercy of a drug lord. To make good on a promise, Lexie agrees to pick up Ty outside the prison and take care of him. Ty may have revenge and retribution on his mind, but he also knows a good thing when he sees it, so Ty is not inclined to let Lexie vanish. But can these two find a way past their inner demons and the odds set against them? (FOREVER, Aug., 672 pp., $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith