The lot of a woman on the planet Regula is not an easy one, as the beautiful Perri has discovered. Sent to live in her betrothed's household while still a child, she has never known the love and respect that a woman could expect in other parts of the galaxy. So when the Chief Hierarch demands that she play pirate and kidnap a famous Jurisdiction fleet officer to save her fianc's life, she obeys without question.

When Perri returns to Regula with the furious Halvo in tow, however, it quickly becomes obvious that her mission is but a ploy to deliver her prisoner into the hands of a notorious gang of space pirates. As the two join forces and head off for the Empty Sector to avoid pursuit, Perri must find a way to atone for the wrong she has done a man with whom she has discovered the true meaning of love.

Ms. Speer crafts a touching romance, full of both sensual fire and tender love. Fans will be more than pleased. (Jan., 443 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer