Image of Lady Macbeth: A Novel


Image of Lady Macbeth: A Novel

King is an exceptional medievalist
who has moved from historical romance to historical fiction with
a novel exploring the life of Lady Macbeth -- not Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth, but a full-blooded woman with a warrior's heart and a politician's mind. She will surely influence the way readers view Macbeth and
his queen in the future.

The last female descendant of the royal line, Rue is abducted twice before she is out of childhood, then wed to a powerful warlord and widowed when Macbeth murders him. A young, pregnant widow, no matter how battle trained and politically savvy, is still near powerless. She weds Macbeth, who hopes she will bring him the followers and power he seeks to become king. Theirs is not a true love match, but an alliance between equals. Through the years of the union Rue has no other children besides her firstborn son and has seen enough murder and madness to strike fear into the strongest of men. In the end she is the one determined to save her family legacy. (Crown, Feb., 336 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin