Diarmid Campbell needs a miracle to restore his niece to health and he will do what he must to find the healing angel he met on a battlefield to help Briget.

Since they last met Michaelmas Faulkner has traveled to Italy where she trained as a doctor and married a fellow physician. Widowed, she returns to Britain and the quiet life of a convent nurse. Diarmid persuades Michael to leave after she extracts a promise from him to help her reclaim her family estate, a castle controlled by his sister's husband. Though Diarmid is reluctant to agree to Michael's bargain, he is so desperate for her help he acquiesces.

Even her healing touch cannot cure the child's wasted limbs, but using her medical knowledge, a bit of psychology and love, Michael begins helping Briget. Her sweetness and gentleness, her beautiful pale hair and intelligence all weave a spell around Diarmid, but the secrets of his past and his present obligations are a barrier to his falling in love with Michael who would return his passion with her own desire. Soon caught up in dark schemes of treachery, treason, lust and betrayal, Diarmid and Michael fight for a chance to save their lands, their lives and their love.

Susan King is a master storyteller who spins tales of love sprinkled liberally with history, the mystical and exciting adventures much to this reader's delight and utter enjoyment. SENSUAL (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin