Aisling Ahearn is desperate. It is 1899 in County Sligo, Ireland, and her father is about to sell her into marriage to their neighbor, Ambrose OHara.

On a dark night, Aisling flees her home on the back of her beloved mare, Luna. While her father and fianci hunt for her, Aisling stumbles across a leprechaun named Acorn Bittersweet who promises to help. Too late, Aisling discovers that Acorn has trapped Aisling in a terrible curse.

Aisling is now part of the faery realm, only visible to humans on the night of the full moon. If she can not find true love in the next 100 years, she is doomed to marry the leprechaun.

Aisling gets her first glimpse of the young man she believes will be her true love when he is just 16. On a visit from the States, Conlan Sloan hates everything about Ireland except the beautiful girl he meets one moonlit night. At 19, Conlan and Aisling have another brief meeting, advancing their strange relationship, but it will be more than a dozen years before Conlan again returns to County Sligo, when Conlans grandfather summons his estranged grandson back to right an old family wrong.

Time is running out for the star-crossed lovers, and it will take more than magic to triumph in this case.

LADY MOONLIGHT is a delightful and fascinating tale set in a world of magic. Ms. Freiman is definitely an author to watch. (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith